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Sembari & Afterglo - Escape

Electronic producers Sembari and Afterglo have teamed up to bring us their fantastic new track "Escape" with dreamy vocals gliding over a smooth soundscape building to a pumping synth-led chorus. Sembari said: "Two months ago I met chicago-based producer, Afterglo, and what started out as a test collab on Splice; soon became 'Escape'. We're super excited to share this one with you! :)"

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The Light The Heat - It's Our Time

Indie pop duo "The Light The Heat" know how to write a catchy and moving song. They originally started as a trio with Benjamin Dunn as "The Wild Wild" writing instrumental music for film and licensing. Since the release of their EP "Silhouettes" last year, they've been a duo focused on writing for the general market. After two lovely softer songs earlier this year, they've upped the tempo a bit for their two latest releases. "It's Our Time" is full of life and fresh summer air, crafted with delightful acoustic guitar melodies, folky layered vocals and an infectious chorus hook that's sure to get you up on your feet. Even the breakdown is uplifting, with an African choir feel to it. The pair have an album in the works and we look forward to hearing more from them!

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Besomorph - Numb (ft. Stephen Geisler)

German producer Besomorph and vocalist Stephan Geisler have teamed up on "Numb" giving the track a dark, heavy atmosphere with emotive vocals and a fantastic minimal trap drop with reverberant lead guitar.

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Devin Kennedy - Bad Habit

"We could get so high / Fall asleep smoking every night, night" This song is a habit we don't wanna drop. Electronic pop, irresistible vocals and a super tight dance hook.

Devin said of the track: "I think love has the potential to be our worst habit. I've found that in many relationships platonic or romantic, we have a tendency to adopt habits, phrases and lifestyles from each other. Many times this is a good thing because we like the people we associate with, so being more like them is not a problem. Other times we pawn off our bad habits on to the people we love, so really the love that connects is the true bad habit. In the song, I'm singing to someone who's adopted my worst habits, hoping that they don't notice that I'm the one pawning them off."

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Yoshi Flower - Brown Paper Bag 2.0 (feat. Rico Nasty)

Detroit artist Yoshi Flower's new single "Brown Paper Bag" includes an alternative version dubbed "Brown Paper Bag 2.0" featuring guest rapper Rico Nasty adding more heat to the fire. It combines acoustic and distorted guitar with a rap beat making a badass riff-rock rap hybrid. "Rico is a raver goddess queen, she is fearlessly herself. I couldn't have envisioned anyone better to rework the tune with" says Yoshi.

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Leon Lour - Conscious

An electronic track with ethereal violin lead reminiscent of Lindsey Stirling. When it hits the chorus it feels like a flying dream. Conscious is the third track from Leon Lour's new "All Our Dreams" EP.

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Five for Friday: 14th Sept 2018

Charlotte Lawrence

"I just stole your car and now you're going crazy / That just broke your heart and now you're gonna chase me". Guess he's gotta find a new car to chase her in. The dark-edged LA-based pop singer says: "'Stole Your Car' is about rebelling against the one person who you crave love and attention from that doesn't give it back". She's got attitude and isn't afraid to speak her mind through her lyrics - her song "Sleep Talking" was written about an ex that revealed his cheating ways in his sleep, and he knows the song is about him! [...]

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